Use Applicant Tracking Systems to Attract Candidates That Produce

Most experts would agree that one of the primary functions of human resource managers is to evaluate employee performance-and then provide the tools necessary to support growth and productivity.

The investment of time and financial resources devoted to training and professional development is essential for companies to maintain a strong workforce and solid reputation in the marketplace. Recruiting and hiring a pool of talented performers is pivotal to the success of company support programs.

David Jenson, CEO of The Hiring Academy, betabaatzo  recently blogged about the necessity for verifying the information applicants provide on their resumes. In his Huffington Post article he described a situation where an employee was hired based on his “instrumental participation” in a major project. Only after the company’s business began to suffer did executives delve further into the employee’s actual participation level. His role turned out to be minor.

This situation brings to mind those famous words attributed to Ronald Reagan, “Trust, but verify”. Using applicant tracking software to screen applicants might have prevented the financial losses incurred by the company mentioned above. With the ability to establish a set of key questions for online applicants, managers can filter out unqualified applicants before scheduling a pre-interview, ashkelon10  saving valuable time and money.

HR technology is booming. Staff acquisition platforms, saloton onboarding, self-paced training programs and company branding are all integrated today to make human resource management a well-connected, streamlined department with capabilities to monitor progress and spot deficiencies.

Applicant tracking has many cost-saving features for the HR team.


  • Customized applications allow managers to set key screening questions.
  • Systems reduce the flood of paperwork and time required to review and gavison-medan  file paper documents.
  • Twenty-four hour tracking and access for managers and applicants allows easy identification of the best source for qualified applicants.
  • Company branding efforts provide managers an opportunity to set the proper corporate tone for potential applicants.


The business world is becoming more socially oriented and company reputations rise and fall based on the value and integrity of the people behind the products. With social networking and online platforms like Twitter, shayarilo  Facebook and LinkedIn taking precedence over traditional forms job search patterns, companies that aren’t engaged are missing opportunities to connect with the most productive, talented agents.

Automating the recruitment and hiring processing is here to stay. An streamlines the process and opens the door to hiring the most talented producers. Whether a firm has twenty employees or twenty thousand, tracking software is imperative to attracting and cultivating a superior workforce that will excel with proper training and support. For more info please visit these websites:-


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