10 Signs Your Guy Is a Keeper

A guy is a keeper if he exhibits certain behaviors and traits that are important to you. If we generalize, then there are certain things that an average woman wants from a guy that she plans on having a happy and healthy relationship with. What are these general signs that your guy is a keeper?

1. He respects you as a person! This is a guy who values your opinions and all that you bring to the table. He may not always agree with you but he doesn’t put you down or try to force his viewpoint on you. A guy is a keeper if he treats you like a person entitled to their own opinion or viewpoint. And he listens tossncook to (and even seeks) that opinion or viewpoint so that and when he disagrees with it he has a real reason for disagreeing. He doesn’t disagree because he thinks that your opinion is somehow less than his or that you are somehow an inferior human being.

2. He forgives and lets go off offenses. A guy who is a keeper doesn’t keep getting offended about something that happened, was discussed and which he zmiiv forgave the offender for. A guy is a keeper if he can let go of a forgiven offense and never bring it up again.

3. He is in control of himself. That simply means that he doesn’t have an uncontrollable temper or uses mind altering substances or cannot think and decide on things on his own or has other destructive habits that control him. A guy who is a keeper should get angry but he should not have temper tantrums or do horrid things to you in his anger. An addict of any kind is not a keeper as they are never really involved fully with you as the drug takes much of his time, energy and emotions. hoodpay

4. He doesn’t give up easily. A guy who is a keeper should have staying power. He should be able to keep doing tasks until they are completed. There is nothing more frustrating than a guy who gives in at the first sign of trouble. Life will bring its fair share of trials and tribulations and you need a guy who can walk with you as you persist through the challenges of life. A wimp, who runs away from everything that he considers hard, will abandon you in your hour of need!

5. He understands and accepts that he is human and so are you. This simply means that he doesn’t expect perfection from either you or from himself. A guy is a keeper if he doesn’t continually beat down on you or on himself for a wrong decision or action. Yes, there is rnkhabri remorse for the wrong action or decision but he must be able to accept that as part of the human experience and move on. A perpetual ‘what if’ guy is not a keeper as they are downers in life over situations that are done with. All that ‘what if’s’ will not change anything and you need a guy who learns from his mistakes and continues living today.

6. He sees the good in you and in other people. Nobody likes a pessimist who sees only the bad and the horrible. A guy who only sees your faults or the things that you didn’t do right is not a keeper. A keeper is a guy who sees the good in you and appreciates the good Rare movies on DVD that life brings.

7. He is actively involved in life and in living. A guy who spends his days or ALL his free hours playing Nintendo or WOW games or some other fantasy game is not a keeper. He is already absorbed in fantasy land so why do you want to short change and burden yourself with Mr. Unavailable? A keeper should have interests beside you but he should not be so absorbed in those interests that he hardly acknowledges you or spends time with you; otherwise what is the point of the relationship?

8. He is still growing and developing as a person. A guy who is a keeper is doing things to stretch himself and to grow as a person. He pursues a hobby or interest or course every now and then so that he isn’t the exact same person year in and year out. This personal growth will energize him and thus your relationship. And it will reveal parts of him that you didn’t know existed further enhancing your experience of one another.

9. He likes you! You want to keep a guy who actually likes you as a person. He demonstrates his like for you by hanging out with you, talking with you and doing things with you. This guy is your friend and he enjoys all the different facets of you. A guy who ‘loves you’ but doesn’t seem to like the person you are is not a keeper. Love will not be enough to keep you both in the relationship for the long haul unless you stay together but have totally different lives.

10. He cares about himself. I agree that this sounds contrary to what you would expect but think about it for a minute. A person can only give what they have, so if he neglects himself then he will invariably neglect you. A sign of a guy that is a keeper is that he cares for himself so that he and his surroundings are not just clean but thought through. Such a guy will use that same instinct with you and your home so that you don’t become his maid and mother wrapped in one. You should of course be wary of a man who is too much into himself and his appearances as this could be a sign of a self-absorbed guy who cannot focus on you as he is wrapped up in himself.


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