How Modern Tennis Racquets Can Improve Your Game

Racquet technology is the parent of the modern game. Watch any old footage and you will see the enormous differences in the game; play with an old wooden racquet and you will appreciate why the game was so much slower and played with such a different style. mycarscent

Today’s racquets are still improving – and are the result of truly “space age” technology. You can purchase a lightweight, comfortable racquet that will deliver you power, spin and control that was unthinkable 20 years ago. Generally speaking there are three types of frame you can purchase – the key is selecting one to suit your game. akunprorusia

Traditional Frame

The traditional frame is characterized by:-

-A thin beam

– A small head (around 90cm²) sgmytrips

– Even balance

– A heavy feel (>300 grams) and

– A tight string pattern with 18 main strings

Its weight and head size make it unsuitable for most social players, but, the feeling of hitting the ball out of the sweet spot of these racquets is unmatched. semar128

The Wilson 6.1 is the most famous of this type of racquet – made famous by Pete Sampras and Stefan Edberg, it is now the weapon of choice for Roger Federer in the modern game. The Head Prestige (Marat Safin) and Dunlop Aero Gel 200 (Thomas Berdych) are other similar racquets that are popular amongst tour players. verduurzamendeurne

You will notice that many of the players who use the traditional frame will have classic techniques. No extreme grips and they can move to the net effectively. If this style sounds like you a traditional frame may be the one for you. askanadviser

The traditional frame is really only suitable for players who train and play several times each week. They are very demanding racquets with small sweet spots and their weight can cause arm soreness. If you cannot commit to a full training schedule, but like the feel of the traditional frame, consider a racquet such as the Head Radical (Amelie Mauresmo). It has similar playing characteristics to the traditional frame but is a more comfortable, user friendly racquet. spintenniscoach

Performance Enhancing Racquet

While the Traditional Frame has been the most popular type of racquet on the pro tour in the past – the performance enhancing racquet is used by a higher percentage of players in the modern game. antminet

Compared to the traditional frame they:-

– A thicker beam

– A larger head (around 95cm²)

– A bigger sweet spot ufa88myanmar

– A lighter feel ( Power Racquets

Power racquets are the least used of the pro circuit, although Martina Hingis used the Yonex RQS 11 during her comeback in 2006 – 07 in an attempt to match the modern power players. crosstrainer-kaufen


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