Ilchi Lee Chakra a Complete Healing System

The Ilchi lee chakra healing system gives people the opportunity to enhance themselves. Through this healing system, one could develop physical, emotional, bunnydirectories mental and spiritual maturity. This healing method could awaken one’s body energy system.

According to Ilchi Lee, method of healing are the body’s 7 key energy centers. Once all of them are activated and function optimally, the doer or the participant will have a quality life- physically, mentally, and spiritually. The treatment of the healing method works well with systemic therapy. They have a deep spiritual philosophy.

The systemic therapy is customized to activate, balance, cleanse, as well as integrate each and every method, and eventually have a holistic and harmonious Chakra System. In order to be well-guided, you can simply have Ilchi Lee’s book entitled as Healing therapies.

One of the aspects which separate the Healing book from other books is the principles used in making it. The principles that Ilchi Lee used in making the book and the Healing System are acquired from a Korean 10,000 year old sacred text. Heavenly Code emphasizes the universal and eternal truths about our life, death and evolution, as well as completion.

What is chakra?

Chakra is a term which came from Sanskrit means a circle, vortex or spinning wheel. Chakras are the centres of spiritual power in the body. Just imagine a circle of energy running through the body.

Chakra as a complete guide which could help us connect all of the chakra energies, to achieve balance. There are a variety of chakras inside the body. The chakra healing system only takes a grip on the 7 key chakras.

The 7 key chakras…

1. The root chakra
The root chakra is also known as the kundalini chakra or the base chakra. This chakra is situated at the base or tail end of the spine.

2. Sacral plexus
The second kind is situated in the lower abdomen. The part is behind and approximately two inches from the belly button.

3. Solar plexus
The third chakra is the foundation of the metal body. It allows the person to pick up essences and vibrations from people, places and things.

4. Heart
The heart healing system is situated at the center of the chest.

5. Throat
The fifth chakra is in the throat. This chakra helps develop the communication, expression, and wisdom skills of the person. For more info please visit these sites:-

6. Eye or brow chakra
This is known as the third eye chakra. The chakra influences the capacity of the person to foresee things.

7. Crown chakra
This chakra is situated on top of the head or crown area. The seventh chakra is the foundation of the spiritual body.

If you think your healing method are not normal, you could acquire guidance from Ilchi Lee healing system. The system helps in realigning, unblocking and balancing the method. The correct flow of this method is equivalent to a healthier energy. The healthy energy is then distributed to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

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