How to Start Your Own Small Business – Learn by Doing

You would like to start your own small business. Because the best way to learn something is by doing it, I’m going to show you how to quickly start your own small business.

Some people do not like the idea of starting small. It is ingrained into their psyche, that they deserve to jump ahead, and start at the top. In that regard, business is the great equalizer for the up-and-coming entrepreneur. A nephew or son-in-law might get to jump ahead of others who are more qualified for the position when it comes to some corporate situation. However, mostori the entrepreneur who strikes out on their own to start a business, begins on a completely level playing field.

Your efforts at starting a business should typically begin with research. Like performing research using the phrase, ‘how to start your own small business’ for example. If you put that phrase into the Google search engine, it will tell you that 9,770 pages have been indexed for that exact phrase. A study of the Amazon site would bring up 1,229 books on the subject.

Reading about how to start your own small business with a book or internet page is fine, but what you are really looking for is the hands on approach, right?

Finding a blueprint for starting the specific business you are interested in is easy. There are plenty of people advertising their consulting services, and numerous books at your local library, that will tell you how to start your own small business.

Simply anyone can start in business. Many have started businesses without even being aware that they are business people. Like the boy who knocks on the door wanting to mow your lawn, or the student who puts a notice on the school bulletin board willing to type your term paper.

They are in business, because they are getting paid for doing a job, which they created themselves. They have the mindset that they will not just sit around, wishing they could improve their life or money situation. They have turned their desire, into taking action.

It does not require a fancy office. No need for a small business to have employees. All you need, is the desire to make changes in your life, faith in your own abilities, and the decision to take action.

Read the previous four paragraphs again. You now know how to start your own small business.

I will even give you a couple of specific ideas to help get you started.

Business Idea One

You have an idea for a product you want to develop and sell. Make a small prototype using your own time and money. Go around to stores, fairs, and flea markets, For more info please visit these sites:- and demonstrate your product. Go perform your product demonstration anyplace you can find people that fit the profile of your typical customer.

Have your potential customers fill out a survey. This can be an informal survey. Basically, when you perform your product demonstrations, when a person is interested, start asking them questions.

Ask about different price points. Ask what they liked and/or disliked about the product. Ask them if they would buy your product, and why. If they would not buy, ask them why not.



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