Court Tennis – The Game of Kings

Court tennis, the parent game of lawn tennis, has been played since the 12th century. Although for hundreds of years it was called the game of kings, normzplumbing court tennis was played by the lower classes as well as by royalty and the nobility. The game is said to have been originated by monks in the court-yards of monasteries, but court tennis was first played in open spaces. Later it was brought inside the walls of cloisters, chateaus, cowsheds, and castles.

Early in the 16th century Francis I had courts built at Fontainebleau, the residence of the kings of France. The English king Henry VIII built courts at Hampton Court Palace, tennis class Singapore St. James’s Palace, and Whitehall.

Court tennis was once thought to have been introduced into North America in 1876. But records show that a proclamation by Peter Stuyvesant, governor of New Netherland (now New York),  For more info please visit these sites:-
https://nachrichtenmorgen.dedated September 30, 1659, banned the playing of tennis on a day of fasting and prayer.

Today it is not widely played because there are so few courts. The cost of building a court exceeds $100,000 upwards.

Lawn tennis and court tennis have much in common, including the scoring system. But the differences are so great that a person thoroughly familiar with lawn tennis is completely confused on seeing court tennis for the first time. Court tennis has everything that lawn tennis has and much more. Strategy plays a much larger part. It has been said that court tennis combines the precision of the hands, the co-ordination of hand and eye of lawn tennis, and the quick judgment of polo.

In lawn tennis the ball is simply hit across the net to strike the ground within the lines marking the boundaries of the court. The procedure in court tennis goes far beyond this. The court is walled in, and all four walls are used in play. Most often the ball is hit directly across the net, as in lawn tennis, but it may be directed to hit the walls before it strikes the floor; and there are openings in three of the walls that figure in the strategy. There is also a roofed shed, known as the penthouse, that extends around three sides of the court. Many times the ball strikes this shed, and every service must do so.

The outstanding champions have had long reigns. Jay Gould, the financier, was amateur champion of the United States from 1906 until he retired in 1926 He was the first amateur ever to win the world championship. Pierre Etchebaster, a French Basque professional player, was world open champion from 1928 until he retired, undefeated, in 1954. The first American to win the world championship was Tom Pettitt, who won the title in 1885.


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