Tips to Colour Perfection for Hair

The first tip to hair colour perfection would be to find the right shade for you. Now, the golden rule that one must always remember is to first find out whether one has a cool tone or a warm tone.

A person with a cool tone is most often born with blue eyes, hazel eyes or dark brown eyes and with blue black, chocolate brown, salt pepper grey, and ash brown hair.

Those with cool tones are best suited to look for a shade that looks more neutral than anything else due to the pale skin with pink undertones.

Do not attempt dying your hair in a golden hue!

Yes, Giselle Bundchen may look like an amazing bronze goddess with blonde hair but you may not end up looking the same. Colours like ash brown, platinum blonde, dark brown and even fire engine red will look good on you if you have cool tones.

Next would be person with a warm tone, 613 blonde wig most warm tones are born with golden brown eyes, hazel eyes and even green eyes and they’re usually born with golden blonde hair, strawberry blonde hair and anything with a slight ‘golden’ hue to it.

Colour perfection most suitable for one with a gold tone are definitely golden blonde, dark browns with a slight bronze tint to it and warm auburns due to their golden/peach undertones.

The next tip to always remember for colour perfection is to never go anything two shades lighter than your current hair colour if attempting to dye your hair by yourself at home, this is because the level of peroxide in D.I.Y hair kits is set to a certain level and if you’d prefer a more drastic hair colour change, seriously consider going to a professional, you DO NOT want to end up with green hair, or worse – ORANGE.

If attempting to colour your hair at home, remember that hair dye is permanent and hair dye, can get on your skin. So what you can do to prevent this is to rub Vaseline on your ears and around your hairline as to prevent any hair dye from sticking to your skin.

Another pre-colouring tip is to always make sure there are no chemicals in your hair, because any chemical residue left in your hair will probably result in fried split ends!

So wash your hair a day before dying your hair and do not use a conditioner afterward! It will only make it harder for the hair dye to work well on your hair.


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