Top Electronic Medical Record Companies

In view of the important role software companies are playing in the implementation of the $20 billion federal government’s stimulus package for the automation of medical records, small and large healthcare facilities are faced with the challenge of identifying the right electronic medical records (EMR) companies they have to tie up with. If you are a private practitioner or a hospital president, your first task is to meet some of the leading IT companies specializing in electronic health or medical records softwares. Some of the top EMR companies to be highlighted in this article are Medical Information Technology, Inc. or Meditech, Allscripts Inc and Epic Systems Corporation. These three companies belong to the top 10 EMR companies who have captured the biggest market share so far.

The no. 1 company is Meditech, a Westwood, Imedical Healthcare Solutions Massachusetts-based software and service company which develops and markets information systems for health care organizations throughout the world. The company was founded in 1969 by Chairman A. Neil Pappalardo. Its vice chairman is Larry Polimeno while Howard Messing is the President and Ceo. Medtech’s reported revenue in 2010 was $459 million. Based on these facts, you can see that the company has a proven track record of success and growth. When it comes to stability and performance rating, you can give it a 5-star.

It was in 1969 that the development of MIIS started and led to the standardization of a programming language termed as MUMPS. Focus on integrated health care information was the company’s primary focus. Meditech developed Magic programming language, Client/Server software which operates on Windows. In 2006, it unveiled 6.0 Platform which has an improved user interface and many outstanding features of streamlined workflows, financial management and patient safety.

So, far they have more than 3,400 staff and more than 2,200 customers worldwide using their various integrated software solutions for healthcare organizations of all types and sizes. Focus on new technology solutions in identity management, RFID, evidence-based medicine into practice, business continuance, new oncology product, standard interoperability suites for EHR transition and expansion of medication management capabilities. Based on records, Meditech has captured the highest market share of the electronic health records business so far. If you belong to a hospital, ambulatory care centers, physician offices, long term care and behavioral health facilities and home health organization and would like to learn more about Meditech, it is best to call up their office and speak to a Meditech representative.

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc. is another top EMR leader. It was founded in 1986 in Chicago, Illinois as a publicly traded company in the medications management business. In 1997, It started developing and marketing software solutions on practice management and electronic health record including patient care management, revenue cycle and electronic prescribing. It merged with Misys in 2008 and with another major healthcare software developer, Eclipsys in 2010. Allscripts is now headed by Glen Tullman as its CEO and chairman Paul Pead. In 2010, its gross revenue was $710 million, total equity of $807 million, total assets of $1.09 Billion and with over 5,500 employees.

A Klass Awardee is Epic Systems Corporation which was founded as a healthcare software company in 1979 by Judy Faulkner in Madison, Wisconsin. In 2005, Epic expanded and moved to a $300 million campus site in Verona, Wisconsin. It makes IT solutions for midsized and large groups of the medical industry. The company is private and employee owned. In 2008, it had gross revenue of $610 million and around 4,100 employees. Their leadership team is composed of clinicians, developers and process experts. Epic enjoys the reputation of having the best on-time and on-budget track record. Epic’s award winning softwares are easy to install with a robust prebuilt model. Patients get online results and reminders with self service refills, scheduling and bill pay increasing their satisfaction.

Its focus now is to help small and large medical practice and hospitals maximize the long term beneficial effects of the ARRA stimulus package by way of a successful EHR implementation. Their “one-patient, one record” approach is revolutionary. Millions of patients access records via MyChart, the same chart used by doctors. The patient’s use of personal health record software, Lucy, completes the cycle. Some of their top rated softwares are the EpicCare Ambulatory Core, EMR Epic CareInPatient Core EMR Versions, Resolute, Cadence, Willow, OpTime, ASAP, Cardiant, Radiant and Prelude products.


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